About Me

I'm a 50+ year old bloke who was born and lives in the heart of Viking Britain, Yorkshire. I'm husband to Claire (who I refer to as Morticia in my blog) and father to two grown up daughters.

I work in public service for the emergency services, something I'm passionate about and love.

I have a passion for Nordic history and mythology, my hobbies include cycling and drawing cartoons. I have a love of Wales and consider it my happy place, a feeling I share with my wife.

I'm a very spiritual person and have for many years observed pagan beliefs, these days I identify as a heathen. This has long been a very personal and private thing although I've become a lot more open about it recently.

My family line can be traced back to the Norman invasion and that line continues back to Scandinavia although I believe there isn't a need to be a Norse descendant to claim the right to be a modern day viking or heathen. I'm proud of my northern and northman heritage and my place in the Danelaw.

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