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I've been drawing stuff for as long as I can remember. The first stuff I did was copy other cartoons such as Popeye and Dennis the Menace (UK). My oldest surviving drawing is this one (left) which was actually published in the Dandy Comic back in 1981 (I was 10 years old). I got 'Star Letter' and won a jigsaw.

I remember creating comic books throughout my youth. I gave all this up as I became a teenager (although I continued to doodle). My cartooning didn't return until I created my blog and started to create accompanying cartoons.


I produce a weekly webcomic called "NORTHMAN" that I publiish here and on Instagram (as well as on Tapas, WebToon and other good webcomic platforms). It's a (semi) autobiographical piece that I use to share aspects of my life in cartoon form.

It started as a spin off from my blog and has grown and has taken on a life of its own. After a number of false starts the strip has momentum and now enjoys a life of its own on social media.

Getting a strip out weekly is a difficult undertaking whilst juggling a full time demanding job and family life. I know there are other artists who can put out daily content, my hat is doffed to those people.

webcomic strip
Blogging got me drawing again. I saw other people doing similar and thought "I could do that!" so I starting doing simple (and by my current standards) crude illlustrations.
blog cartoon indiana jones
blog cartoon cycling
blog cartoon welsh dragon
But like everything I got better (I like to think) and my current efforts express a lot more time spent to create a more polished and professional finished product.
the screem
postcard from nq

Being someone who can draw means I get asked to create work for others. I've done wedding and party invites, created characters for marketing purposes and various other projects.

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